Shake hands with your mouse, with its natural handshake position, improves wrist posture for better comfort.

Contoured, natural (46.7 degree) slope keeps the wrist in a neutral handshake position, eliminating soft tissue compression.

An extended lip for the little finger provides complete support for smoother, larger muscle group movement.

Fully-featured mouse with scroll wheel, left, right, forward, back, and DPI (800/1000/1200/1600) buttons.

Simply plug in the nano receiver for plug & play wireless connectivity up to 20 meters.

A low battery indicator, One AA battery lasts up to a year.

Nano receiver conveniently stores inside mouse when not in use.

In an independent study conducted by professional ergonomists*, “users rated the vertical mouse as the most comfortable and that it conformed to their hand naturally.”*** Source: 2019 VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, Inc. study.

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